9.7 inch writing tablet (7)
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9.7 inch Portable LCD Writing Drawing Board Tablet Pad Notepad Electronic Graphics Digital Handwriting with stylus pen


SKU: 9.7 inch LCD writing drawing tablet.

Product Description

  • LCD Writing Tablet Suitable for designer ,business man,teacher, student ,doctor ,Eco-friendly(Paperless/Good helper for students/Love your family enjoy your life/Unspoken words)
  • Works, erases, works again. No mess, no refills to buy.
  • able to save their masterpieces with the free app. The button at the top clears the screen easy.
  • Environmental Protection:Writing or drawing with the included plastic stylus or any other suitable instrument – even your finger! You’ll never need to search for a pen or pencil again. And you can save 1000 pcs paper every year!
  • helpful to keep around for memos and notes, and for road trips with the little ones, where they can draw all day to their hearts content, never having to use up a bunch of paper on their doodles. It looks to be pretty durable, and hopefully the LCD screen will not break easily.
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